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FY2016 Extra-Help Telecommunicate, Police (Pool)

Pool Details

Pool Details

Pool Number
Title Telecommunicate, Police
Open Date 07/14/2015
Close Date 06/30/2016
Application Expires After Number Of Days
Full-time/ Part-time Part-time
Salary/Pay Range
Job Summary

Under general supervision of a designated supervisor, to receive, interpret, and transmit messages and information for a law enforcement agency using a variety of telecommunication equipment (such as telephone, two-way radio, teletype, and/or computer terminal).

Job Description

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities
1. receives and interprets in-coming citizen complaints, inquires, and reports of emergency and non-emergency situations; logs, coordinates, disseminates, and maintains records of messages; may initiate police reports of incidents; originates and disseminates information regarding safety and well-being of law enforcement officers and citizens
2. operates equipment of a communications control center to receive and transmit police business and emergency messages; may monitor and provide base-station service for multiple police and citizen-band radio channels
3. operates terminal connected to federal, state, or local law enforcement information systems (such as Law Enforcement Agency Data System, LEADS, National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System; or National Crime Information Center) and/or a departmental computer to enter or retrieve information for the purpose of gathering, verifying, or maintaining data; interprets responses of the data systems; recogni

Minimum Qualifications

1. No record of conviction of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude

Preferred Qualifications

Supplemental Questions

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    • High School/GED
    • Bachelor's Degree
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  2. * Do you agree to a criminal background check?
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Required Documents
  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter
Optional Documents
  1. Reference