Extra Help Offfice Support Associate (Pool)

Pool Details

Pool Details

Pool Number
Title Office Support Associate
Open Date 11/01/2015
Close Date 06/30/2016
Application Expires After Number Of Days 183
Full-time/ Part-time Part-time
Salary/Pay Range
Job Summary

A variety of office support functions designed to implement, maintain, and execute effective office procedures and workflow. Incumbent may engage in the production of documents and other duties that support the activities and staff of an office or organization. In addition work may be characterized by the nature and extent of personal contacts and may be performed in direct support of a designated principal(s). A progression of responsibility is evident within the, ranging from simple, repetitive duties performed under direct supervision to those that are diversified, require the use of discretion and independent judgment, and are performed under administrative direction.
Duties performed may include, but are not limited to, maintaining calendars, scheduling appointments, making arrangements for meetings and travel, gathering and providing information orally and in writing, developing or maintaining documents, transcribing material, performing liaison or coordination functions, processing mail, assisting in fiscal matters, maintaining or coordinating the management of files and records systems, and supervising office support services.

Job Description

Typically are involved in the processing of documents or transactions. They provide a variety of support services to the technical, professional, and administrative or management operations of an organization. A progression of responsibility ranges from simple, routine and repetitive duties performed under direct supervision to duties that are complex and highly diversified requiring the exercise of discretion and independent judgment performed under administrative direction.
Duties performed may include but are not limited to: maintaining records and information in hard copy or electronic form; receiving, screening, reviewing and verifying documents; searching for and compiling information and data; providing information on the activities of the organization orally or in writing; preparing and/or verifying the validity of documents with which the organization is concerned; and keyboarding material. Any or all of these functions may be performed singly or in combination. Duties may involve use of standard office equipment, reprographic and/or electronic equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

Based on educational and work experience.

Must have a Bachelor degree

Preferred Qualifications

1. Ability to analyze and develop office guidelines, procedures, and systems.
2. Ability to keyboard accurately.
3. Ability to select and develop appropriate criteria methods and procedures to be utilized in order to solve problems.
4. Skill in oral and written communication.
5. Ability to utilize various software packages.
6. Supervisory and administrative ability.

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Required Documents
  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter
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